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T56 Engine

Upcoming events for Volo Aero MRO

At Volo Aero, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) services that keep aircraft operating safely and efficiently. As part of our commitment to excellence and industry engagement, we are excited to announce our participation in several key events this year. Here are the details of where you can find us:…

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New PW4000 Capability

October 2021 – new capability for Volo Aero MRO as we add the repair of stage 1 and stage 2 HPT duct segments off the PW4000 94″ and 100″. These parts are located in the HPT section of the PW4000 engine and have various blend and weld repairs. As we continue to support the legacy…

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Upgraded capacity in Grinding

As we start to see the recovery in the Aerospace MRO market Volo Aero MRO has invested in additional grinding capability with the addition of a Cincinnati / Heald 273A Grinder. With a 18 inch swing this versatile machine will allow us to free up capacity on our largest Campbell grinder. In addition this machine…

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Capital investment

As part of our preparation for the increase in repair for the civil aerospace market , Volo Aero MRO has purchased an additional OD/ID grinder. The Heald Cincinnati 273A is a renowned grinding machine with an 18″ dia capacity that sits between our current equipment’s capabilities. With this investment we are able to free up…

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TCG-C130 Orlando 2021

Looking forward to joining our customers in Orlando for this years TCG C-130 operators conference. After last years cancellation we are excited to attend this years event as we are now proud to be a Rolls Royce ARF. With over 70 repairs available on the Rolls Royce T56 engine line, as well as repair capability…

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Pratt and Whitney NEO Repair

As part of our continued support of the pneumatic engine starters we are set to receive our first NEO / GTF Inlet housing for repair. This is a continuation of the repairs we perform on several models of starters, found on a wide range of Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce product. These parts typically…

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AS9110 -Stage 1 Audit completed

As we progress through our AS9110 approval process we have completed our stage 1 audit. Stage 2 is planned for Mid August and the team is getting prepared. This certification will add to our growing quality approvals and provide added insurance to our customers, that Volo Aero MRO is able to provide a consistent quality…

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CFM56 Honeycomb Capability

As we continue with our capability expansion here at Volo Aero MRO, we are pleased to have provided precision grinding of several honeycomb ring components to our customers. Specifically the CDP inner and outer seals for the CFM56 engine. Matching the honeycomb diameters to specific customer requirements for their engine build, ensuring that the maximum…

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New Engineer

Welcome on board to Candace our new Engineer. Candace joins us as a fresh upcoming graduate from UConn with her degree in Mechanical Engineering. We are looking forward to having her make a difference to our team. Candace already has experience in the aerospace market following a couple of internships and we look forward to…

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