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MRO Europe Conference 2022

As part of our growth and expansion Volo Aero MRO will be exhibiting at the London event in October 18th to 22nd. Following the success of attending last years event in Amsterdam, this year we will be having an expanded presence with our own booth 2524. In another first we will also have an expanded…

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Metal 3D Printing

In partnership with UMass we will be sending two of our employees on a tailor made metal 3D printing course hosted by UMass at their Amherst Life Science Lab. This course will allow us to better understand the application of this technology and provide us with the opportunity to produce metal parts for our production…

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Pneumatic Starter inlet housing

As part of our increasing capabilities we are now in the development and new part introduction process for the rubber repair of the inlet housing. These parts are found in the pneumatic engine starter manufactured by Sumitomo and Hamilton Sundstrand typical models PS700, PS600 and PS400. Our first repair capability will be to perform the…

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3D Printing – Hybrid Inspection fixture

Building on our experience and working relationship with UMass we have developed a holding fixture using 3D printing technology for our CMM inspection process. This ring allows us to perform inspections of both the front and rear of the part. Using the speed advantage of 3D printing from design to use in less than three…

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Large Capacity Grinding

As part of our growing capabilities in September 2018 we have added a large diameter capability to our grinding. The Campbell vertical grinder has a 54″ table and is capable of handling up to a 62″ (1.5 meters) swing. with a height of 40″ above the table. This capability enables us to perform repairs on…

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CF6-50 Bearing air oil seal

In August 2018 we shipped our first CF6-50 #5 bearing air oil seal to our customer, marking the first CF6-50 part we have overhauled as well as the first non military part we have shipped without performing a grind repair. This part was overhauled using a plasma repair which we performed pre and finish machining…

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T56 Turbine Wheel

As part of our ever increasing Rolls Royce repair capabilities we have shipped our first turbine disks after overhaul, these where stage 2 and stage 3 turbine wheels. We are currently developing our repair capabilities to support the 1st and 4th stage wheels and expect to have this capability on line by the 4th qtr…

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As part of our continued focus on development and improvement through both on the job and external training. We are pleased to be supporting one of our employees with their continued education at Springfield Technical College. Volo Aero MRO will be paying  the full tuition cost of the college course as part of our belief…

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3D Printing Training

With the constant development in 3D printing technologies and its expected impact into the MRO marketplace its important to understand this new technology. As a small business it can be daunting to understand how to incorporate new technologies in a cost efficient manor so that we can compete in the future. So in 2018 we…

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