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Rolls Royce T56 AMC Conference

Volo Aero MRO will be attending and presenting at this years Rolls Royce T56 AMC meeting in September. We are looking forward to updating the T56 market on our developments and progress in supporting the T56 engine line through piece part repairs.

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Engine Leasing and Finance Europe

Volo Aero MRO will be attending the London Conference on the 7th and 8th of June to discuss opportunities on material trading, asset allocation for engine part out and sale in support of our customers. As well as making the industry aware of our repair capabilities to reduce ownership costs for asset owners.

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Capital investment

As part of our continual improvement process in investing to better serve our customers Volo Aero MRO is pleased to announce it’s recent installation of a Fowler Fusion Mark 4 CMM. This coordinate measurement machine uses the same system programing software as our current Aberlink Mark too CMM but with improved speed, accuracy and triple…

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Facility update

Its nearly been 1 year since we moved into our new facility in East Longmeadow and we are starting to feel settled in to our Home. We are adding team members (Mike in Engineering and Nuriye in Customer Service are our latest additions) as well as new capabilities such as our NDT line and increased…

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Gear box mounts CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B

As part of our increase in capability here at Volo Aero MRO we have started to support the repair of CFM56 gearbox mounts ATA 72-23-14 typical P/N 305-360-020-0, 305-356-620-0. These parts are in addition to our growing list of Aerospace Engine hardware components that we support for GE, CFMI and Pratt and Whitney engines. T

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Upgraded to Capability

As part of our growth Volo Aero MRO has just purchased a magnaflux FPI line capable of supporting current and future repairs. This seven station system will allow both method A and method D florescent dye Inspection processes to be brought in-house. The main benefit for our customers will be the reduction in turn time…

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Material trading CF6-80C2

As part of our expansion Volo Aero MRO is pleased to announce the placement of a second CF6-80C2 material package sale to one of our new customers. This completes the second sale of a package of K blades and vanes this year. We are currently negotiating a third package deal with expected completion in January…

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CFM56 New Repair Capabilities

As part of our update to our current capabilities Volo Aero MRO has added several components for the CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B. Stages 1 through 4 HPT blade retainers ATA 72-54-20 typical Part Numbers 336-031-201-0, 336-031-301-0, 336-031-401-0 and 336-031-401-0. Stage 3 compressor actuator Link ATA 72-32-14 Part Number 1590M33P01. HPT rear retaining ring ATA 72-52-09 Part…

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CF6-80C2 repair capability addition

Volo Aero MRO continues its development of repairs to support our aerospace customers and with our recent update to our capabilities list we have added ATA 72-34-04 Part Number 1703M82G01 stationary seal. For repair options on the CFM56, CF6-80, V2500 and PW4000 please contact the team here at Volo Aero MRO. Your source for brilliant…

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CF6-80C2 Engine hardware

Adding to our range of repairs Volo Aero MRO has finished the overhaul of its first group of engine hardware brackets as part of ATA 72-09-04 such as Part number: 332U2911-492 1990M17G01, 1836M10G01. These simple brackets are not a complex repair, but due to ongoing supply chain issues have become a challenge for engine build.…

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TCG-C130 -Orlando 2022

Following a very successful TCG in Orlando we would like to thank our customers and military for their support. The TCG is a great event enabling the Team of Volo Aero MRO to meet with new customers and established contacts for the T56 engine powered C-130 aircraft. With over 75 different parts supported on this…

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Material Sourcing

As part of our efforts to support our growing customer base we have just completed our second large inventory placement for CF6 material. Providing another new customer with CF6 blade and vane material in overhauled condition. This service has been an area of recent growth for the company as we continue to expand our offerings…

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