T56 parts supported
On time delivery

Volo Aero MRO provides brilliant precision machine solutions to our aerospace partners. Capacity and Capability you can trust every time.

Volo Aero MRO is focused on solving our customers challenges for reliable support on repair of Aircraft engine and accessory piece parts. We also provide Used Serviceable Material (USM) to assist in reducing engine shop visit costs. Our goal is to provide value- one part at a time.

The reason for our success is our ability to improve our customers performance by focusing on delivery, quality and value on each and every part. Our way of doing business is to  be agile, with a better understanding of our customers needs and then to excel in executing what matters most to them.

We support both wide body CF6-80C2, PW4000 product lines as well as narrow body CFM56, V2500 and GTF.

Our Services

What we stand for

Our values

The following core values provide the basis of how we operate as an organization. Its the core characteristics that define who we are, how we support our customers and why we do what we do. We do not list Quality as a core value for Volo Aero MRO because its a requirement to operate in our markets and is not a differentiator.

  • Accountability– Own the challenge and deliver, the results matter. Our customers require us to be problem solvers not problem creators.
  • Grit– Its not always easy but with determination we can achieve exceptional results. We chose grit as a value to represent our value as its also a by product of grinding.
  • Willingness to change– We can always improve and be better, ask the right questions. Our success and our customers success will be dealing with the challenges of the future not just what we have done in the past. We need to be agile and responsive to new challenges.
  • Integrity – Do what’s right even when no one is looking, its called being a good person.
  • Thrive together & smile together – A large load is easier when shared, the team is always stronger than the individual. We can have enjoy the journey.

Our mission

To provide brilliant precision machine solutions to our aerospace partners.

Dependable Capacity to meet your needs on time every time.

Our company

Volo Aero MRO is an unusual name and its been our name since 2015, Volo is Italian for ” flight” in case you are curious.

What makes us different is our team, who have extensive experience in machining and aviation repair. We are a close knit, agile team that is focused on our customers needs. We understand the importance of the quality and technical competence needed to deliver parts that are fit for purpose and the importance to get things right first time.