CF6-80C2 #1 Bearing Spanner nut P/N 9374M12P01

Volo Aero MRO continues to add capability to support the CF6-80C2 platform with the repair of the #1 bearing spanner nut, as driven by our customer base we continue to add capabilities to support our customers. In June 2022 we have added eight new parts across the V2500, PW4000 and CF6-80C2 platforms.

CF6-80C2 HPT Rotor Stage 2 Blade retainer

Volo Aero MRO continues to add to its repair capabilities to support our airline and asset manager customers. P/N 1778M68P02 is a new addition to the products that we support. With our increase of capabilities bringing internally the etch processes we are able to control our TAT and deliver strong cost savings to our customers.