V2500 Power Arm Overhaul

Volo Aero MRO has successfully developed the repair on the V2500 power arms including the R-25 chrome repair. This specific component is difficult to overhaul due to the small diameter holes and stainless steel base material which is challenging to produce good chrome adhesion. After extensive development VoloAero MRO has managed to develop the process…

CF6-80C2 #1 Bearing Spanner nut P/N 9374M12P01

Volo Aero MRO continues to add capability to support the CF6-80C2 platform with the repair of the #1 bearing spanner nut, as driven by our customer base we continue to add capabilities to support our customers. In June 2022 we have added eight new parts across the V2500, PW4000 and CF6-80C2 platforms.

CF6-80C2 HPT Rotor Stage 2 Blade retainer

Volo Aero MRO continues to add to its repair capabilities to support our airline and asset manager customers. P/N 1778M68P02 is a new addition to the products that we support. With our increase of capabilities bringing internally the etch processes we are able to control our TAT and deliver strong cost savings to our customers.

V2500 P/N 6A6491

V2500 Stator Rod P/N 6A6491

Working with our partners on the V2500 Volo Aero MRO has expanded our capability to support the V2500 Stator Rod ATA 72-24-51. Volo Aero MRO is continuing to increase our capabilities to better support our customers and provide an alternative option for repairs.

V2500 new capability -Retainer Plates

As we continue to grow our capabilities as driven by our customers, we have recently added the repair of the V2500 retainer plates P/N 6A1033, 6A1038, 6A3597. These parts have typically been viewed as disposable parts, but due to the quantity per stage, our repairs allow engine shops to save more than 70% compared to…

CF6-80C2 HPT Impeller rotor

Volo Aero MRO continues to grow our product service offering with the addition of the HPT rotor cover repair part number 9234M72P03. Driven by customer demand to provide a high quality product with a fast turn time we are here to support. If you have any needs on the CF6-80C2 for part repairs reach out…

Compressor Wheel Overhaul

As part of our continued support of the Rolls Royce T56 product line we are now able to perform the removal of compressor blades from the stage 1 through 14 compressor wheels. Following feedback from our customers on the challenge of getting these blades removed from the wheels in a timely manor, we have developed…

New PW4000 Capability

October 2021 – new capability for Volo Aero MRO as we add the repair of stage 1 and stage 2 HPT duct segments off the PW4000 94″ and 100″. These parts are located in the HPT section of the PW4000 engine and have various blend and weld repairs. As we continue to support the legacy…