Improved Capability

As we continue to drive capability improvements to better serve our customers, we had a busy December setting up our HAAS CNC tool room lathe. This CNC equipment is in addition to our 1540 manual lathe which means better speed and better repeatability for our customers.


As we start the New Year, we look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead. As part of our ongoing improvements we will be going fully live with our new ERP program. We have started the implementation in 2019 but will now be fully implementing this system. This will allow us to provide more…

ERP Implementation

As part of our continuous improvement processes we are now in the development stage of our new ERP system supplied by Keyedin manufacturing. This ERP implementation will allow us to better maintain our growing business and customer support activities. The system provides clearer insights into our business both for scheduling and costings. We are working…


So after about three years with us, John is about to head off into well earned retirement, not filled with golf and gardening but several car and bike rebuild projects. As much as we tried to persuade him to stay and keep on working he has resisted our charms and intends to ride off into…

TCG C-130 Conference 2019

Following several years of attending the C-130 TCG conference the 2019 conference will be the first year that Volo Aero MRO has formally exhibited at the conference. We look forward to being able to show our current customers as well as the broad range of international operators how we can be of service. Looking forward…

Rolls Royce Contract award

All of the team here at Volo Aero MRO are excited to be recognized for our quality and performance with our first contract award from Rolls Royce on the AE3007 engine line. This engine variant is found on the ERJ145 and Citation X business jet, and has derivatives on multiple platforms.

ITAR Registration

As Volo Aero MRO increases its capabilities on military repairs, we have now received our ITAR registration which provides us with the ability to support our international customer base. As part of our ITAR compliance procedures we have implemented improvements to our physical facility, staff training and changes to our processes.

T56 Pinion Gear

As part of our continued growth in supporting the Rolls Royce T56 engine we have added the Pinion Gear to our new list of capabilities. This repair covers the inspection and repair of the assembly including the repair of the bearing journals, plating and black oxide processes for the D-13 and D22 versions.

4th Axis CNC machining capability

At the start of the year we are expanding our capabilities with the addition of a new Haas VF-2 CNC mill with on machine probing capabilities and a 4th axis. This new machine will allow Volo Aero MRO to expand its machining capabilities as well as improve efficiencies and first pass yields. This new capability…