V2500 P/N 6A6491

V2500 Stator Rod P/N 6A6491

Working with our partners on the V2500 Volo Aero MRO has expanded our capability to support the V2500 Stator Rod ATA 72-24-51. Volo Aero MRO is continuing to increase our capabilities to better support our customers and provide an alternative option for repairs.

V2500 new capability -Retainer Plates

As we continue to grow our capabilities as driven by our customers, we have recently added the repair of the V2500 retainer plates P/N 6A1033, 6A1038, 6A3597. These parts have typically been viewed as disposable parts, but due to the quantity per stage, our repairs allow engine shops to save more than 70% compared to…

19-21 Fisher Avenue

Facility Relocation

During the week of the 9th of May Volo Aero MRO has been busy relocating our facility. With a new location based 2.5 miles away from our old home still in East Longmeadow. We have passed our FAA audit and look forward to returning back to producing work on Monday 16th of May. Our new…